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People Would Buy Tickets
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Adult Story - People Would Buy Tickets

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"If they complete their behavior modifi cation plan all week, they get a Scooby snack, just like second graders."

Caribbean Catapult

Danny Mason, the D-gallery resident fl amer, was outside sitting above the sidewalk, leaning on a cable that was designed to appear as a barrier between the sidewalk and the grass. It would not really stop an inmate, but they were forbidden to cross it. They were not supposed to lean on it either, but few guards enforced the rule. Mason was a foreigner, and he was not well liked. Few other inmates even spoke to him, unless they were desperate for a dicksucking.

A large, young black inmate, who liked to play pranks, by the moniker of "Big Papa," decided to experiment with physics and the physical attributes of the cable. The cable was divided into sections by wooden poles. Each pole was not terribly unlike a telephone pole in diameter, but they only stuck out of the ground about three feet. There was a hole drilled through each pole, where the cable ran through.

Moving the cable in one section of the barrier had the effect of moving the entire length of the cable. Big Papa watched while he jumped on the cable just one section down from where Mason was napping, leaning on the cable. The force of Big Papa's weight coming down on the cable caused all the slack to be taken up in Mason's section. The forced applied by the cable to the center of Mason's back got his attention immediately, snapping him out of la-la land, and almost snapping his back. The cable threw him forward quickly, fl ipping him over into a forward somersault, whacking his forehead on the wall facing him. He got up instantly, looking for the guilty party. Big Papa and his accomplice, Bird, were pointing at him and laughing, along with many other inmates. Mason was just sure that Bird was the guilty party.

Bird's only involvement was by association. He had not participated but was aware of Big Papa's intentions all along. Mason started in with his accented berating of Bird, until it appeared that he would accept no more. Mason slipped one more disrespectful term into his set, and entered the housing unit, where he thought he could continue behind the door of relative safety. Bird is all about respect. If you have respect for him, you will never have a problem with him. It was apparent that he would have to solve the problem with Mason immediately. The chase ended in the unit manager's offi ce, where the case manager and I had been observing the entire episode.

"I am going to kick your ass!"
"You failed to recognize the 'G' in me!"

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